Golden Bird Cup

47.00 CHF

ca Ø 8,5 cm, H 5,5 cm, Content 1,5 dl

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The Golden Bird series is hand-built from white porcelain.  The cup is glazed with a playful white color that involves some very light pink as well. Some of them are glazed with a matte white glaze. For the bird I used a 24k gold luster decal. Each of the cups have a different type of bird on them, still they look great together as a set.

Each piece in the Golden Bird series is fired to a high temperature (ca. 1220c), which makes them very strong and solid. However due to the gold touch, I do not recommend to wash them in a dishwasher. In order to keep the gold finish long, wash the Golden Bird series by hand.

All of my ceramic pieces are hand-built and individually finished and glazed, therefore natural variations in colors, textures and shapes from piece to piece are to be expected.

The Golden Bird series is completely food safe and lead free.


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Bird Varriations

Bird no.1.", "Bird no.2.", "Bird no3.", "Bird no.4.", "Bird no.5.", "Bird no.6.", "Bird no.7.", "Bird no.8.