Hi! I am taking a summer break. My ceramics will be there for you again for purchase from August 12, 2024. Thank you for your understanding! Have a nice summer!

Grey Blossom Jug

115.00 CHF

ca W 7 cm, H 23 cm, Content 1,1 l


The Grey Blossom jug is hand-built from grey stoneware clay, and is glazed with flowy white and pink glazes.

Each piece in the Blossom series is fired to a high temperature (ca. 1220c), which makes them very strong and solid, as well as suitable for dishwasher.

All of my ceramic pieces are hand-built and individually finished and glazed, therefore natural variations in colors, textures and shapes from piece to piece are to be expected.

The Blossom series is completely food safe and lead free.